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TrailerBlade Advanced Side Skirt

by Strehl



For a Limited Time Only

TrailerBlade sets the standard for maximum fuel savings, rugged durability and easy maintenance that last for years. Nobody beats TrailerBlade.

TrailerBlade is the only side skirt built entirely from materials that are already on the outside of your tractor-trailer. These industry-standard materials are your best guarantee for long-life and successful performance. TrailerBlade features:

  • Exceeded minimum CARB requirement for an Advanced Side Skirt by 43%
  • Achieved 7.15% fuel savings in the rigorous, EPA Verified, SAE J1321 Fuel Economy Test
  • Revolutionary, adjustable-strut design makes proper installation easy
  • California approved

A typical tractor in standard service can easily save 600 gallons of fuel per year.*

Strehl Trailer Blades

At the General Motors Desert Proving Ground, some of the world's top automotive testing engineers, in an independent test, validated the fuel saving performance of the Strehl Model 715.

Not only did we pass the Smartway® certification requirement for an advanced skirt, we exceeded the certification requirement by more than 43%.
Below is a fuel savings calculator. Enter your information and find out how much we can really save you!

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