Racor Filtration


Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity, Fuel Filter/Water
Separator With Options for All-Weather Operations

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Now the fastest fuel filter change is also the smartest:  No tools, no mess, no fuss; One-piece, leak-free construction; SNAPP is 100% Racor quality

  • Legendary Aquabloc filter media delivers efficiency in 2, 10, or 30 micron
  • Trademark Racor clear bowl for instant water-in-fuel inspection
  • Self-venting drain for easy service

Diesel Winter Conditioner Plus

Don't let the cold keep you from running your business

   As the temperature begins to fall, wax crystals can start to form in Diesel Fuel. Parker Hannifin's Diesel Winter Conditioner Plus will reduce the likelihood of diesel fuel "gelling", preventing production freeze ups that can occur in cold temperatures. Keep your engines running at peak performance in all weather conditions. Diesel Winter Conditioner Plus is added to petroleum distillates such as No. 2 heating oil or diesel fuel to improve low temperature operation and fuel reliability. Diesel Winter Conditioner Plus works around the clock to prevent the plugging of lines, filter screens, valves and critical fuel system components.

Product Features:
  • Cold Flow Improver to prevent fuel from gelling
  • Deicer to reduce risk of fuel line freeze-up
  • Works in modern common rail & legacy fuel systems
  • Reduces nozzle coking and IDID (Internal Diesel Injector Deposits)
  • Cetane Booster for easier start-ups
  • Reduces fuel consumption and emissions
  • Lubricity Improver protects against friction and wear
  • Corrosion protection
  • Biodiesel Compatible

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The World's Best Filtration Starts With the Worlds Best Engineering. Nearly 30 years of innovation has made Racor the most trusted name in engine protection.

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Wherever you see this logo, Racor designed the original OEM filter installed on the engine or vehicle that rolls off the assembly line. The ParFit version of that filter is identical to the OEM filter in fit, function, and performance. These parts truly meet every OEM specification.

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