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Protect Your Freight
Kool Shield is a retractable thermal barrier designed to help maintain cargo integrity for the trucking and food service industries.

Years of design, engineering, and testing have gone into making Kool Shield effective and practical. It was created by truckers with years of refrigerated hauling experience. It offers truckers, haulers, and warehouse workers a minimally invasive solution for quick access to freight that protects against temperature loss, temperature claims, reefer overwork and unnecessary fuel consumption. Kool Shield is available for all companies who want to save money and extend the service life of their refrigeration systems. Kool Shield is a practical and inexpensive tool in the fight to reduce claims, protect products and meet the ever increasing demands of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Kool Shield is available for swing doors, roll-up doors, side doors, and box trucks in both manual and electrically operated models. If it hauls refrigerated freight, we have a Kool Shield for it.

Kool Shield For Swing Doors
Whether you are waiting to be loaded or arriving at your destination the situation is often the same, you first open your swing doors and then back into the dock. With a Kool Shield, a truck can sit in dock for a number of hours with the swing doors open and the freight temperature will be maintained because ambient outside temperature will not permeate the trailer. When a forklift becomes available, the Kool Shield rises up out of the way in an instant.

Kool Shield For Roll-Up Doors
Kool Shield for roll-up door adds ease-of-use and dead-air space between the typically “hot” rear roll-up doors and the product. Roll Up doors have always been high maintenance: springs, rollers, wires, door panels, lock mechanisms… Exterior roll up doors do not tend to be user friendly over their life cycle because moving parts wear quickly making the door harder to use.

Kool Shield for roll-up door is more ergonomically sound for drivers to pull down during multiple drop deliveries. Kool Shield reduces the use of the exterior door, extending the life cycle of that door while reducing maintenance costs. The added dead-air space between the exterior door and load during transportation also reduces heat on the rear of the load.

Kool Shield For Side Doors
Kool Shield is an excellent replacement for outdated strip curtains that often get in the way when loading or unloading, or are simply moved out of the way, not doing the job they were installed to do. Kool Shield operates on a noninvasive track, which gives it tamper resistant capabilities while not reducing the width of the doors. This allows for it to do the job for which it was installed.

Kool Shield for side door covers a 50” wide door. It can be retrofitted in any trailer. The mandrel is kept clean and safe in an aluminum case close to the ceiling. The Kool Shield can also be retracted from inside the truck.


  • Unit can be powered from the reefer battery, lift gate battery, or auxiliary supply.  Operates on 12 volts DC.   Power demand is minimal.
  • Kool Shield opens or closes quickly, between three and four seconds on average.
  • Control is single button control. When the button is pushed the Kool Shield will either open or close depending on its current position.
  • Remote controllers are available in two single button styles – key fob and hand held controller. The hand held controller is about the size of a cell phone.
  • Mounted controls are available inside or outside:
  • A toggle switch recessed into a border in the side wall.
  • A push button that is surface mounted on the trailer wall.
  • A rocker switch that installs on the exterior of the trailer.
  • Remote controls operate at a range over 50′ from the trailer or box truck.
  • The equipment and settings for the electric units can bet set to operate at the discretion of the owner or logistics department. The features available can be discussed and customized prior to purchase and installation.