Eberspaecher Cab and Cargo Heater

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   Espar Heater Systems has the most comprehensive range of independent and compact fuel fired Air and Water Heater Products available in today's marketplace. Offering close attention to detail and technical design, Espar leads the industry in Excellence in Supporting Product Applications and Reliability. Espar supplies these auxiliary gas/diesel-fired heaters to the Truck, Bus, Marine, Car and Off-road markets.

Stay warm this winter with Espar Heater Systems

Find the right solution for idle reduction and driver comfort


Thermo King, the world leader in transport temperature control, has partnered with Espar, the world leader in fuel=fired air and coolant heaters, to bring you quality Espar products. Over the past 60 years, Espar heaters have been proven to save money and increase driver comfort. Engine pre-heaters provide excellent startability in cold environments and air heaters provide comfort or cargo heat, burning much less fuel than a large engine. Save engine wear, extend engine life and cut maintenance costs by reducing idling!

Take a look at how Espar Heating Systems can add comfort and benefit your business:

  • Less idling means lower fuel costs and reduced maintenance
  • Meet increasing number of anti-idle noise and pollution laws nationwide
  • Keep drivers warm and comfortable
  • Models available for a variety of applications
  • Expert Thermo King installation and service

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